We offer customized music classes that cater to individuals from five years old and beyond. We have a team of experienced instructors who will provide a nurturing environment for learners to explore, develop, and refine their musical talents.


Our team also offers comprehensive theory lessons that will foster your understanding of the fundamental principles. Through these lessons, learners gain a deeper understanding of notation, scales, chords, harmony, and composition. This empowers them to enhance their musical skills and expand their creative horizons.


Beginner Theory
Kshs 10,000

1 month of lessons, 4 hours a week

Learn A New Instrument
Kshs 30,000

2 months of lessons, 6 hours a week

 Instrument provided for duration of learning

Order A Project

Ordering a project allows you to request customized compositions and recordings for various purposes (commercial, multimedia productions, etc.). Our team of talented composers, musicians, and producers, will collaborate closely with you to bring your creative musical ideas to life.


Simple Jingle
Kshs 1,000
Instrumental / Vocal Production
Kshs 5,000
Full Song Production
Kshs 10,000
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