Transfrontieres Agencies delivers outstanding videography services for all events, tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that every aspect of your event is meticulously planned and executed with precision.


With a keen understanding of visual storytelling, our team of skilled photographers captures stunning images that bring concepts and narratives to life, be it for fashion, editorial, commercial, or artistic purposes. Transfrontières Agencies ensures that each photoshoot is meticulously planned, creatively directed, and executed with professionalism to deliver outstanding results.


Outdoor / Indoor Shoots
Kshs 2,500

10 edited photos

Couple Shoots
Kshs 4,500.

3 hour session, with unlimited takes

20 edited photos

Kshs 6,000

Group of 5, with unlimited takes

50 edited photos



Birthday Shoots
Kshs 6,000

Coverage of 3 hours maximum

25 – 30 professionally edited pictures

Baby Showers
Kshs 5,500

Base Coverage of 3Hrs

Kshs 8,000 (3Hrs +)

Wedding Packages

Bronze Tier

Kshs 35,000

Silver Tier

Kshs 50,000

Gold Tier

Kshs 75,000


Kshs 100,000

Music Videos


Bronze Tier
Kshs 25, 000
Silver Tier
Kshs 50, 000
Gold Tier
Kshs 75, 000

Video Editing


Kshs 8, 000*

*Price adjustable according to needs of client

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